"Vera" - Option One German Build Platform



All our Option One German Split Screens are by no means easy! And Vera was no exception! We lovingly brought her back to life, and a good job too, these early 1960’s Split Screens are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Happy with the result? We sure were!

The Process


As with all our builds, Vera underwent a full strip down and Pre-Assembly, assessing all the components and labelling the items that were here to stay! From there Vera underwent a full 360 degree Blasting process, bringing her back to bare metal, and ensuring we caught all that we needed to before proceeding into Fabrication. 

Several hundred hours passed in our Welding department before undergoing the first stage of rust prevention – Epoxy. During such time she was also colour coded underside and treated against that horrible thing we call salt.

And then her journey truly began….

Key Details

  • Bespoke, all handmade – by us!
  • LHD imported from the USA
  • Soda blasted outer shell restoration
  • VW Pearl Grey and Vw Pastel White
  • Valencia Sisal and Grey Piped Upholstery
  • New 2017 Eclipse Interior Layout
  • Oak Furniture layout with side door cooker


As with all our Option Ones, Vera underwent a near complete mechanical replacement. Shock Absorbers, Track rods, and not to mention her Spindles! A crossover year of sorts, Vera had several different challenging elements to her re-build, but we got there in the end! Supporting Vera and her family is our Mechanical back Warranty that comes as standard.


Proving more and more popular for that original feel, is our new Eclipse Layout. Vera’s cabinetry was finished in Lightweight Oak Laminate Ply, with colour combined Grey T-Trim as to the colours used throughout her interior. We love this colour scheme!

This entire combination of colours is gorgeous!

Extra Features

All our Option Campervans come with many differing options to choose from. From interior modifications, interior layouts and the mod cons. We can cater for most requests..

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