"Elsie" - Option One German Build Platform



A 1965 11 Window Split Screen – hailing from the depths of Texas, U.S.A, Elise required a lot of love by the team bringing her to the forefront of her original condition.

The Process


After the comprehensive Fabricating and Welding departments have spent hundreds of hours making sure the dreaded rust and rot is gone, our Option One Campervans continue their 360 degree Rotisserie restoration, moving into Panel Beating and Paint.

Our staff work with these classic vehicles as if it were their own. Ensuring all the door gaps are correct, seam lines straight, and that all the preperation work, using our German products from Wurth, are applied correctly.

Panel Beating and Paint is the second comprehensive stage before moving into Mechanicals and Coach building.


Key Details

  • Bespoke, all handmade – by us!
  • LHD imported from the USA
  • Soda blasted outer shell restoration
  • VW Rosso Red and Vw Pastel White
  • Valencia Sisal and Rot Piped Upholstery
  • New 2017 Eclipse Interior Layout
  • Power Management System
  • Leisure Battery installation
  • Electric Hook Up
  • Stereo and Speaker installation
  • Power Steering


Being an Option One, Elsie was treated to the full comprehensive strip down in Pre-Assembly. Our Warranty backed, Twelve month Mechanical time frame, ensures that all is replaced in the Option One builds as to new conditon.

From a Reconditioned 1500 SP engine, to Re-newed spindles, King and Link pins - the works! 

Primarily most of our German Split Screen Campervans have been laying low for many, many years, and as such we feel this comprehensive replacement is the only way forward to ensure a long lasting product.


The popular 'Eclipse' layout was utliised in elsie, maximising her sleeping seating capacity.  We still utilise the Full width RnR camping bed in this interior so she is still very much a Campervan too!

Finshed in Oak Laminate lightweight Ply, from sustained sources, we only use the best Lightweight Ply available to us. Being CNC machined, they have to stand the precision cutting required. An area that can be forgotten, with cheaper products being used for a similar look, but not withstanding the test of time.

Her Gorgeous Valencia Hand-Made Upholstery in Rot and  Sisal really sets her off!

Extra Features

Elsie benefitted from many 'mod cons'. From her Power Management systems, Propex Heaters and Brake Servos, all are available on your own Campervan if you so choose.

We supply many aftermarket accessories of which have proven popular with our customers for many years.

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